Recycle old holiday lights with Chisago Co.

Ever wonder what to do with that balled up, tangled mess of holiday lights that don’t work anymore? Some might be tempted to just toss them in the trash, but there is another option that keeps the environment in mind.

Chisago County has partnered with the Recycling Association of Minnesota to “Recycle Your Holidays” and is now collecting old and broken holiday lights for recycling.

This holiday season, county residents can drop off old, unwanted or broken holiday lights in the lobby of the Chisago County Government Center, 313 North Main St., Center City, or at the Chisago County Household Hazardous Waste Facility, 39649 Grand Ave., North Branch, during regular business hours, through Jan. 25, 2013.

Collections from “Recycle Your Holidays” in Chisago County have doubled every year since the start: 225 pounds the first year, 500 pounds the second and 1,200 pounds collected last year. Statewide, RAM hopes to collect 200,000 pounds and encourage the use of LED light strands instead, which will save energy and money.

Unlike any other holiday lights recycling program in the country, the lights and cords are recycled by adults with developmental disabilities at local vocational centers, providing meaningful jobs and job training for over 200 Minnesotans.  Every bulb of light strands are properly recycled in Minnesota.

For more information about Recycle Your Holiday program, call Chisago County at 651-213-8920 or email [email protected] More information about the statewide effort is available at

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