Stacy council sunsets Foxtail Woods problems

There was more action on the embattled Foxtail Woods development scene at the Nov. 13 council meeting.

A developer interested in re-platting Foxtail Woods approached the Stacy Planning Commission into single-family lots. The developer requested being allowed to combine the preliminary and final plat. The commission responded with a unanimous “no,” but is keen on seeing some movement.

After working to resolve the issue of a large outstanding water bill, City Attorney Peter Grundhoefer conferred with Stacy Maintenance Supervisor Jon Ehlert on resident complaints regarding the lack of street lighting.

Ehlert is waiting for a contractor’s repair bill. He included in his staff report information regarding a new developer that may pay to get the lights working. Grundhoefer confirmed receipt of a call from a realtor asking for clarification about the city’s position on responsibility for completing the street lighting work. Mayor Mark Utecht asked if repair or reconstruction could be wrapped into park dedication money. Grundhoefer said that request wouldn’t meet park criteria, but it could be called an “improvement”. The council agreed it might depend on the cost, as $10,000 or $30,000 would make a difference.

Incomplete driveway discussed

Councilor Michael Carlson brought attention to another issue – a driveway that was never completed.  The driveway is private with posts separating it from a public path. The driveway is paved but the path is not. A mailbox stands nearby that needs to be moved. There had been a chain posts to block public access, but the chains were recently removed and it is unclear who removed it. The city had consulted the Stacy-Lent Fire Department about the issue. The department stated fine to put a chain across the path that could be removed whenever someone from the department needed to access the path.

A designated snowmobile trail runs adjacent to the path. If a rider takes the access road, he or she would still have to get around and through the Foxtail neighborhood, and then through this connection to the trail. Once a rider gets to the development, Mayor Utecht said the rider would likely go directly across private property, causing yet another issue for the city.  “Find the post, get a new, permanent pin and block it off with the chain,” Utecht directed city staff.

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