Tigers fall in first two games of season

The Rush City boys basketball team began the season last week by netting two losses.

First up the team traveled to Braham and fell 79-39 to the Bombers.

“We started off our 2012-13 basketball schedule with a tough one,” said coach Jeremy Albright. “I don’t know if Braham has lost a game on their court in probably 40 games. It was the first varsity starts for Zach Melin and Mason Ramberg. That’s asking a lot for your first game starting. It was also the first game in over a year for Garret Pearson, who missed all of last year with an injury.

“We struggled taking care of the ball (29 turnovers). You can’t win when you give the other team the ball that many times. Those turnovers led to easy transition points. If we are going to have success this season, we need to take better care of the ball and figure out our roles on the team. I told the kids after the game that there is no doubt in my mind that we will get better. With hard work we will improve,” Albright stressed.

The team hosted Hinckley-Finlayson in its home opener last Friday and lost 78-63.

“The good news is that we played better than we did in our first game of the year,” said the coach. “The bad news is that we still came up on the losing end of things. What a performance by Garret Pearson, 33 points and 12 boards. This is not surprising. We knew all along that he was capable of a game like this one. But the great thing about him is that the only number that’s in his mind is if we won or lost.

“Our offense was much better than Tuesday, but our defense was horrible. Too many open looks as a result of not rotating properly on defense and doing your job. I told the kids before the season started that this first week of the season would be our toughest. Going into the year Braham and Hinckley were probably the favorites in the conference. They both have had several players transfer into their schools that made them even tougher. Whoever they have out there, we need to do two things better. Take care of the ball and defend. If those don’t happen it doesn’t matter who we play. I have full confidence that those areas will get better,” Albright explained.

The Rush City boys basketball team has a 0-2 overall record. The Tigers will host the Pine City Dragons at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 13.

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