Lack of energy agreement may cause holiday lights to be extinguished

City Attorney Peter Grundhoefer reviewed Stacy’s license agreement with Xcel Energy at the Dec. 11 Stacy City Council meeting, and an issue came up over non-functioning streetlights. Grundhoefer said the city would have to complete an application and follow the steps required by Xcel Energy.

Xcel has asked the city to pay an annual fee of $3,800 in order to have the electricity available to light the Christmas lights in the city. The charge is per pole and is year round, whether the city uses the electricity at any other time during the year or not. Utecht thought this might qualify as “low wattage,” so there would be a reduced rate.  If the city opts into the agreement, a meter would be mounted on every light pole and the city would have to pay the bill on each one.

The city is in a bind as the Stacy Lions Club invested in new Christmas decorations to grace Stacy Trail during the holiday season. The city is in danger of having the action darken the holidays in the city.

Utecht said he will speak to the Lions about possibly splitting the cost, but nothing will be decided for this year. The lights are in place, and the city will not be removing them until after the holidays.

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