Stacy man questions city about citation

A worried looking resident, Ken Cummings, pulled up a chair and faced the Stacy Council at the Dec. 11 Stacy City Council meeting. Cummings property is the subject of contention, and now of city action. Cummings asked why he recently received a citation from the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office. 

“I completed everything that was asked of me that was decided back on July 10 at the regular city council meeting,” Cummings said.

Stacy City building and Code Inspector Jack Kramer had told Cummings he would not sign off on completion of a permit because the council had required Cummings complete work on his property by Oct. 31. Cummings has now been summoned to court. “I have the original meeting minutes from July 10, I have the original letter from Mr. Jack Kramer and I have the original building permit signed by Mr. Jack Kramer and I have completed the roof,” Cummings continued.

He then asked, “Why did I get a citation?” Stacy Mayor Mark Utecht said Kramer reported to the council the projects were not completed.

Cummings said he asked in July if there was any additional action he needed to complete, and recalled being told “no” by a city official. Cummings said he hadn’t appeared at the council meeting that night because he teaches a robotics class at the high school on Tuesday evenings. He said he didn’t know the issue with his property was to be discussed at the Oct. 10 meeting or he would have been present. Cummings said the information from the city didn’t clearly state deadlines and he was puzzled because he had been given permission more than one time to continue.

Cummings said he has never received a citation in his life.

He asked if the ticket could be expunged.

City Clerk Sharon Payne came to the distressed man’s defense. She advised the council Cummings had called City Hall to check on the terms of completion. Payne followed up with Kramer who indicated the projects listed on the permit were “95 to 99 percent complete.” Utecht said he remembered parts of the discussion, but didn’t know what all was in the permit.

Cummings had shown Kramer what remained. It was a small area of siding near his home’s roof where he needed eight boards to complete the work. Cummings told Kramer that he had run out of materials and once he had the boards that would be the end of it.

City Attorney Peter Grundhoefer intervened. He said Kramer could review the permit again and then contact the county attorney to request dismissal of the case.

Councilmember Cindy Bruss advised Cummings to go over everything thoroughly with Kramer so there is no miscommunication or misunderstanding. Cummings was sent to contact Kramer to try to clear up the matter.

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