Schnagl remains person of interest in missing woman case

Twenty-eight-year-old Aaron Jude Schnagl remains a person of interest in the case involving Danielle Jelinek, the 27-year-old Oakdale woman who was last seen Dec. 8 at a Chisago Lake Township residence near Lofton Avenue and 261st Street.

Authorities were originally drawn to the case Dec. 9 when family requested a welfare check at the home belonging to Schnagl, who reportedly had an on-again, off-again relationship with Jelinek.

Uncooperative during the check, Schnagl was later arrested for 5th degree drug possession when authorities executed a search warrant during a second visit of the residence. Inside, officers found drugs and items including Jelinek’s purse, shoes and cell phone, while her car was parked outside the residence.

During the search, according to the court complaint: deputies and investigators seized two boxes containing marijuana from a vehicle in the garage. A 16-ounce repackaged vacuum sealed green leafy substance tested positive for the presence of marijuana. One box weighed about seven and a half pounds, and a second box around four and a half pounds. One investigator observed bags weighing in increments of 4, 8 and 16 ounces, which were individually placed in vacuum sealed bags and labeled as different items such as “Juicy Fruit” and “Blueberry.” The bags contained a total weight of about 12 pounds of marijuana.

Schagl, whose possession arrest violated an existing probation order, was eventually transported to the Anoka County jail.

“He is a suspect for drug possession, but we’re focused on him as a point of interest (in Jelinek’s disappearance),” Chisago County Sheriff Rick Duncan noted.


Other case updates

Chisago County Attorney Janet Reiter provided the following updates on people charged recently in Chisago County District Court:

Ryan Keith Ortlepp, 21, of North Branch, charged with felony arson in connection with the Nov. 4, 2012, fire at North Branch Veterinary Hospital, has pleaded not guilty and remains in custody on $50,000 bail or $20,000 bail with conditions. He also is facing fifth degree arson, a misdemeanor, regarding a dumpster fire in the downtown business district. An omnibus/pretrial hearing is set for Jan. 3 and jury trial on Feb. 4.

A Jan. 7 jury trial had been set for 32-year-old Michael Lawrence Cloud, charged with 12 felony counts of disseminating and possessing child pornography through the use of computer and electronic equipment from his Harris residence. He last appeared for an omnibus hearing on Dec. 7, 2012.

Rhonda Rae Swanson, 55, of Pine City, was charged with felony theft by swindle last July for allegedly stealing $38,000-plus in pull tab money over a span of eight months in 2011. Due to the loss, the gambling manager for the Pine City Youth Hockey Association in September asked the Rush City Council for a reduction in the amount of charitable gambling funds the organization is required to donate back to the community. The Swanson case is set for a jury trial Feb. 4.

Nicholas Jeffrey Salo, 20, of North Branch, and Michael Keali Scharenbroch, 23, of Stacy, each charged with felony 4th degree assault on a peace officer stemming from incidents last August at the Almelund Threshing Show, have jury trials set for March 4. First, the men are expected at omnibus/pretrial hearings on Jan. 2 (Scharenbroch) and Jan. 30 (Salo).

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