Jeffrey Wolleat

Jeffrey Wolleat
Jeffrey Wolleat

Jeffrey Bruce Wolleat was born at the Cambridge Hospital Feb. 1, 1958.  He lived most of his life in the Sunrise area, except the past four years he lived in Askov with his sister Traci Fletcher and her family.

Jeff loved being around people and sharing stories.  All the local people knew Jeff, and for someone who never had a driver’s license, he sure got around. Most of those miles were on his dad’s Ford tractor. He knew most people in the county and even had friends from as far away as Texas.  He enjoyed taking rides; it didn’t matter where, as long as he was looking at the crops and seeing what everyone was up to.  If the ride included a stop at a “beer joint” for a burger and cold drink, even better in Jeff’s eyes.  Jeff was always very proud to say he was a farm boy! During many hospital visits, he proudly said to the nurses, “I’m a good eater, I’m a farm boy, I like meat and potatoes, you know, farm food.”  He always looked forward to a conversation about farming … who was in the fields doing what, who was combining, how many bushels they were getting, or how many bales of hay were put up in a day.  Jeff worked for many different dairy farmers in the Sunrise and Almelund areas throughout his life, milking cows and driving tractor until his health declined.  He was proud of that and truly loved it.

Another passion in Jeff’s life was the four-wheeler his Dad gave him.  He drove it daily until his health declined, and it had more miles on it then most cars.  He enjoyed the independence it gave him. He would hop on, go for a ride and then stop in and visit with people.  That four-wheeler took many trips to Sunrise.  Jeff also treasured the snowmobiles he had throughout his life and was able to take many trips with his friends from the Almelund area.  He never gave up the hope to one day ride his snowmobile again, and talked about it all the time.

For anyone who knew Jeff, they also knew his passion for Vikings football, Twins baseball, Wild hockey and don’t forget, professional wrestling.  Many hours were spent watching wrestling, cheering on his favorite wrestlers and booing the ones he didn’t like.  Nothing could put a bigger smile on his face, or get a louder hoot and holler from Jeff then a good old trash talk session from the wrestlers.  He also loved his Vikings and was always proud to defend them to anyone, winning or losing, he loved his Vikings.

Nothing pleased Jeff more than to see a good deal come together.  Those who knew him also know he was always wheeling and dealing something—whether it was wood, hay, or equipment—he was forever putting a deal together.  Even as recent as last fall, he was giving pumpkins from the garden away to the Medivan drivers.

Jeff spent the past few years living with his sister Traci Fletcher and her family.  During his time with her family, he attended many basketball games, cheering on her kids.  His favorite part of going, of course, was the concession stand.  He quickly became friends with everyone in the community, and everyone missed him once his health didn’t allow him to attend anymore.  He even went to church when his health allowed and actually asked to go!  His favorite cafe was the Finlayson Cafe, and he was a regular there for breakfast on his “days off.”  Jeff never lost his passion to meet new friends or conversation.

Jeffrey Bruce Wolleat passed away peacefully at home Dec. 30, 2012.  He gave a good fight for many years, but it was his time to go home.  Jeff is survived by his parents Bruce Wolleat, of Sunrise; Sandra Wolleat, of St. Croix Falls; Wis., brother Lynn; sisters Cindy and Traci; nephews Brandon, Marshall, Jack and Roy; and niece Hana. He is also survived by aunts, uncles and many, many friends from far and near, including long time friends, Richard and Audrey Peterson of Almelund.

Pastor Dave Stertz officiated a memorial service for Jeffrey Wolleat 11 a.m. Thursday, January 3, 2012 at the Sunrise Bible Church in north Branch.

Visitation was held one hour prior to the service at 10:00 a.m. at the church.  Charlotte Wilcox and Jon Ekstrom provided music.

A spring inurnemnt will take place at the Kost Free Church.

Funeral arrangements for Jeffrey Wolleat were entrusted to the Funeral and Cremation Service – Olson Chapel, Rush City

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