Horrific attacks have been in ‘gun free zones’

To the editor

All of these horrific tragedies have been in “gun free zones” Columbine, Virginia Tech, army base ( terrorist attack), Colorado movie theatre, malls and just recently the elementary school in Connecticut. In fact, in the Oregon mall instance, an armed gentlemen pulled his gun on the shooter and the shooter decided to shoot himself rather than be shot by this individual protecting himself and others around him, stopping further horror and damage. Did you know that fact?

In the Connecticut media report, there was an individual reported in the woods behind the school that was on the ground being handcuffed by the CT State Police, and also an individual on the front sidewalk down and being handcuffed by the CT State Police. A third individual  took off in a black SUV with the back window out and a loud muffler. Who were these individuals and what were they doing there?

Gun control stats – compare the big “killers” in the U.S.

•Tobacco use: 529,000

•Medical errors: 195,000

•Unintentional injuries: 118.021

•Alcohol abuse: 107,400

•Motor vehicle accidents: 34,485

•Unintentional poisoning: 31,758

•Drug abuse: 25,500

•Unintentional falls: 24.792

•Non-firearm homicides: 16,799

•Firearm homicides: 11,493

Source: Centers for Disease Control, FBI, U.S. Government

According to the FBI, the No. 1 weapon used in violent crimes … is a baseball bat. Why is there no outcry to restrict baseball bat ownership? Maybe because so many law-abiding citizens enjoy them safely for sport? Hmmm…

I believe if more schools and other businesses in “gun free zones” publicized protecting themselves and became secure, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.


Axel Bates

North Branch




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