Dayton’s budget a reason for concern

To the editor

Governor Mark Dayton’s proposed budget was all over the news last week. Families living on a tight budget have reason for concern. You will now be taxed on over-the-counter drugs, repairs on your car and home, and a whole host of other services like haircuts and day care. Everyone has already seen less money on their paychecks due to the 2 percent income tax increase imposed by President Obama in his new government health plan. This Democrat governor did the math and while he bragged about his cut in the sales tax rate, his office ran the numbers and this reduction in the rate while vastly expanding the items that will be taxed will in the end net the state and his party, who control both the Senate and House, over $2 billion in additional money. That means in the end, they are taking more from us, the middle class.

Watch as the Democrats decide just how much money can they take out of your household budget and mine and still sell it as a benefit to the public so they can get re-elected in two years, and with them in total control, that’s what will get passed. The only silver lining in all of this is that Chisago County didn’t add to that DFL control in any way. We know that our State Representative Bob Barrett will do everything he can to stop Governor Dayton from taking more of your money, especially at a time when the economy is so fragile. Thanks, Representative Barrett for all you do fighting for Chisago County residents and families!

Bruce Spangler



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