Proud to have Nienow

To the editor

I think Chisago County can be proud they have State Senator Sean Nienow representing them in the Minnesota Legislature. Senator Nienow will serve on the Education Committee and as GOP Lead on the E-12 Education Finance Committee. His dedication to making high quality education available to the kids who live in our communities is exactly what we need. For too long Chisago and Isanti County school children have played second fiddle to the special interests of urban politicians who make sure funding stays mostly in the cities. For too long the gap in funding between urban schools and our schools has been unfair. Do urban schools really need $13,000 per pupil while North Branch kids get $8,000? Last I heard Minneapolis schools had an embarrassingly high dropout rate. Maybe it’s not more money they need but a better system? But North Branch kids shouldn’t be penalized in the process. Senator Nienow can be counted on to speak for our kids. No child should be given a lower quality education simply because of where they live. Thanks Sean Nienow, for serving on education and making Chisago/Isanti kids a priority in your work at the capitol.

Elise Hiljus

Franconia Township


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