We’re debuting a new look

Derrick Knutson
Derrick Knutson

No, your eyes are not fooling you.

The Post Review looks different this week, and will from this point forward.

Over the past couple of months, the staff at the Post Review has been working on a new design to give the paper a “fresh” look.

It’s a look we’re hoping will be more eye-catching, clean and readable.

From a layman’s perspective, perhaps the paper doesn’t look overwhelmingly different.

In the newspaper biz, we’re required to adhere to “modular design” —laying everything out in squares or rectangles, for the most part.

Someday, I hope to introduce the first paper that features stories and photos laid out in triangles, octagons and parallelograms, but today is not that day.

So for now, the Post Review will be laid out in squares and rectangles.

There are a number of aspects that are different about the new design.

Our “Post Review” moniker at the top of the paper is now blue instead of white, and has a white background—clean and simple.

Our designers also made our website, www.ecmpostreview.com, stand out a bit more.

Hint: visit the website, it’s splendiferous.

Fonts and headlines throughout the paper are different.

The “Youth” page has been changed to “Education,” our crime and courts page, “Public Information,” has been changed to “Public Safety” and “Religion” is now “Faith.”

We thought those section headlines were more encompassing of the type of news that appears in those areas of the paper.

In addition to renaming some of the sections, we’re making them “floating.”

For example, if we’re heavy on news and feature stories one week and don’t have much business news, the business page would be used for news.

If we have a lot of education news another week and not much in the way of public safety, there might be more than a page of education news.

The aim of these changes is to put together a paper nearly devoid of non-local press releases and other “canned copy.”

When readers pick up their local newspaper, they want to read about what is going on in their community, and that’s what we’re hoping to provide week in and week out.

In addition to these design changes, we’d also like to focus more on the interesting people of Chisago County and those with ties to this area.

Local government stories are the meat and potatoes of most community papers and we’ll continue to thoroughly cover those beats, but the dessert is the feature stories about residents.

Everybody has an interesting story to tell, and we’d like to meet those people and share their stories.

So feel free to contact us with your stories. I can be reached at [email protected], Jon Tatting can be contacted at [email protected] and Victoria Dahlin, our sports reporter, can be contacted at [email protected]

Our phone number is 651-674-7025.

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