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To the editor

The Minnesota House and Senate Republicans are at their deceptive practices again. The Republicans are now claiming that they turned a $6 billion state budget deficit into a $1 billion surplus! That information is wrong. In this case, the perceived change to the state budget surplus happened in spite of the Republican controlled House and Senate.

Because these Republicans reduced State Revenue Sharing, our county commissioners had to reduce the money they give to our cities and townships, causing them to make our (the 95 percent) property taxes balloon while our home values dropped! These same Republicans (after shutting down our government for weeks to get what they wanted) also withheld $2.4 billion from our schools, making our administrators have to severely cut their budgets, increase class sizes, and cut programs, and to come begging to us taxpayers to make up for these huge cuts! All this was done to save the wealthiest Minnesotans from paying one more cent in state income taxes, even though it has been proven they pay a much smaller percentage than we do (the 95 percent).

These republicans are still not listening to we the people. Now is the time you need to call your Minnesota state representative and senator, because they are deciding how to balance the budget for the coming year!

Call State Sen. Sean Nienow at 651-296-5419, State Rep. Bob Barrett at 651-296-5377 and Gov. Mark Dayton at 651-201-3400 and tell them you want these wealthiest Minnesotans to pay the same percentage we have to pay, and to reinstate the money to our public schools! Thank you and call as soon as possible!

Jim Pavlicek 

Chisago City


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