A funny thing happened on the way to the funeral

To the editor

Having been in the car for two hours, I stopped in North Branch for a break.  When I come “home”, I always stop at the businesses in North Branch and Rush City, because I believe in supporting small town enterprise. After lunch, I parked in the empty Nelson’s lot and went into Skelly Hallmark. After purchasing Valentines and candy, I backed out of the lot, only to get hung up on a small snow ridge.  After attempting to get the car unstuck using the limited tools in my trunk, I called AAA.  I still had nearly an hour before the funeral in Rush City started, so I was doing just fine. AAA would not arrive for an hour and a half. Oh-oh!  Back to Hallmark where a young woman gave me the number of a local towing service.  No answer.  Twice.  I borrowed a shovel from the young woman and started to dig myself out.  I’m sure I was quite a sight, shoveling in my skirt, then down on my knees, trying to clear the snow my front axle was hung up on. I called Mike’s Auto Repair, was informed they don’t tow, but they gave me East Central Towing’s number.  East Central answered and told me they would drive right down from Pine City.  I continued to shovel and try to clear snow from the front tires, giving it my best attempt.  Not making progress and now a bit upset that I would miss the funeral, I returned the shovel to Hallmark, thanked the young lady, and sat in the car warming up. A few minutes later two men arrived in a car. When I explained I was hung up on a snow ridge, one replied, “I know. I’ve been watching you.” With a simple push, I was out. They would not take money, but I did press a box of Valentine’s candy on each. I called East Central Towing to tell them I was out, and offered to pay the full fee. The gentleman informed me that I could leave “whatever I thought fair” at the Holiday Station in Rush City since he worked closely with them. Thanks to all these kind people, I did get to the funeral, albeit a few minutes late, where I paid my respects and visited with friends. My uncle at Golden Living chuckled when I told him about my adventure and explained why he was getting the small box of chocolates, the only one I had left. It was worth it to see him smile. Thank you to all of the kind-hearted people who assisted me. I will continue to patronize small businesses in North Branch and Rush City and do my best to support small town pride.

Donnette Wheelock


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