It’s all political

To the editor

Jim Pavlicek wrote a letter so filled with vile error it cries out for correction. Pavlicek said “tell the Republicans you want the wealthy MN to pay and to reinstate the money to the public schools.”

The fact is the DFL legislature (and Governor Pawlenty) left a $2Billion school shift, a $6 Billion dollar deficit and an empty savings account in 2010 before getting thrown out.

Two years of GOP control reduced the deficit by $5 billion dollars, filled the savings account to $1 billion and paid back half of the DFL’s $2 billion shift. The GOP tried to pay back more of the shift last year but Dayton vetoed it so the DFL could use it as a campaign issue. They crabbed on the campaign trail, with Rick Olseen, two-time loser of elections including last falls house race, shouting it from the mountaintops how awful it was that the Republicans borrowed money from the schools, ignoring the blatant fact that he did it too. And now that Rick Olseen’s party is in control they’re going to fix it, right? Heck no, it was all political. After making it a campaign issue to get your vote, they are saying the school shift is not important and in Dayton’s proposed budget it doesn’t get paid back until 2016-17.

Next time Pavlicek writes a letter you might want to just ignore it. As, based on his letter from last week, it won’t be truthful.


Elise Hiljus

Franconia Township

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