Next week is School Board Recognition Week

Deb Henton
Deb Henton

February 18-22 is Minnesota’s School Board Recognition Week, a chance to recognize and honor the work of some of the community’s most dedicated public servants.

Here at North Branch Area Public Schools, we are eternally grateful for the service of school board members, past and present.

One of the most important functions of a school board member is to be a conduit between a school district and its community. In that regard, we have been truly blessed to have a wide variety of representation on our school board. It allows for our school district to forge relationships with a broad latitude of political and social interests.

A public school district serves all, and having a school board comprised of varying viewpoints and philosophies ensures everyone in our community feels represented when it comes to the education children receive here at North Branch Area Public Schools.

A school board member puts in many hours in service to a school district. Beyond the usual two school board meetings a month, school board members are expected to serve on a number of committees, some of which meet more frequently than others, some of which are scheduled during the work day, and some of which will take a school board member away from family and work for as much as a day or more.

It is a truly dedicated individual who takes so much precious time away from personal lives and careers and dedicates it to making sure the community has a bright future with leaders who will be prepared to accept the challenges they may face.

It is at once an awesome and daunting task.

Please join me next week in showing appreciation for those who serve on our school board. They are Kim Salo, Kirby Ekstrom, Randy Westby, Jay Falk, Tim MacMillan, and Linda Heidelberger. All of these dedicated individuals deserve our thanks.

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