Harris City Council briefs

The following actions and discussion points were addressed at the Feb. 11 Harris City Council meeting: 

Water treatment operator selected 

The City of Harris had placed a request for proposals to operate the water treatment plant and the wastewater treatment facility prior to the Feb. 11 city council meeting.  After the RFP process was completed, only two companies submitted proposals. The companies were seeking a three-year contract with the city. One company was WEXCO, with an original bid of $128,400. After a clarification of the required insurance, their bid was dropped to $124,900 with a 2 percent increase each of the three years to cover inflation.

The other proposal was from PeopleService, in the amount of $115,680, with an annual increase each of the three years based on the Consumer Price Index, which measures inflation. At the opening of the bids, the council requested PeopleService extend their bid for a fourth year, and change the annual adjustment to -1 percent of the CPI. Paul Christensen, a representative from PeopleService, was present Monday night to respond to that counter proposal. His response was negative; he said his company intended to stay with the original bid.

Christensen told the council he thought corners had been cut to reach the original dollar amount, and to adjust to the annual increase in operating with an amount less than the CPI would actually cost PeopleService.

Christensen also pointed out additional services that PeopleService provides, outside of the contract. PeopleService provides a hoist truck to pull pumps and wells, both on an emergency basis and a maintenance basis.

PeopleService employees also mow the area around the water treatment plant and wastewater treatment facility.

The City agreed to the three-year contract with PeopleService and the annual adjustments based on the CPI.


New city clerk hired

The council welcomed the new city clerk, Joanne Dargay, who had been recently hired. Dargay’s background is as an administrative assistant. Her prior employment includes some positions at large companies, such as Wilson Leather. Her most recent employment prior to being hired by the city was with a small manufacturing company, Carlson Airflow.

Car show planned 

Cathy and Don Duchene came before the council with a request to hold a car show Aug. 17. The event will be held at their residence on Flink Avenue. They have four acres between the road and their buildings, which is where the cars will be on display. Parking will also be available for non-classic cars. There will be no food or beverages sold, as the event will only last for a few hours, 10 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. An acoustic guitar musician is also scheduled as part of the festivities.

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