Going broke in Harris

To the editor

My wife and I have lived in Harris for 20 years. I have been on both the fire department and the city council. Who does one turn to when a city is broken? The water and sewer problems were the biggest issue at the time I was on the city council. I believe mistakes were made then and continue to be made now. The present water and sewer bills are out of control! It seems we are paying for the entire city budget off the sewer and water bill. The people of Harris cannot continue to pay these outrageous amounts! There are many other issues in the City Hall that need to be addressed. Property values keep dropping while property taxes increase. While property taxes increase, road conditions deteriorate. Whether from our state representative or Senate, we need help. There needs to be a clear message sent, that this will be the last term for this council! They seem to forget that the key ingredient to the city council is the people who elected them and the people they are supposed to represent. Going broke in Harris!

Doug Chafee



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