Students perform classic play

Photo supplied
Photo supplied

The fifth graders at Jacobson Elementary brought Scrooge, Marley, and all the Yuletide ghosts to the Rush City High School theatre Jan. 17 when they performed “A Christmas Carol.” The students performed before parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles and many friends.

Students involved in the production were: Anna Bush, Isabel Medina, Sara Gilbert, Anthony Hermanson, Caleb Engebretson, Kara Focht, Rylee Gestson, Brody Fiene, Joe Zmuda, Alex Christenson, Savanna Davis-Cornell, Taylor Dullinger, Amanda Palmer, Bailey Bendickson, Brandon Cardinal, Riann Daas, Angel Martinez  and Abi Novick.

The students who designed the set were: Madi Handt, Sarah Schmidt, Teegan Engel, Hunter Hermanson, Branden Carmichael, Nathan Anderson, Dakota Fuller, Allison Olson, Josh Stenmo and Taylor Swenson.

The sixth grade comedy team was:  Brystin Lamont, Jillian Grace-Cicero, Madelyn Hilton and Ellie Rundquist.

The fifth grade dancers were:  Amanda Palmer, Teegan Engel, Isabel Medina and Rylee Gestson.

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