Greene looking to bypass the senior center?

To the editor

Well!  I see where Commissioner Greene had to go to the meeting for the Central MN Council on Aging in St. Cloud to bring back

information for seniors to call the Senior LinkAge Line for all their needs.  Is their way to bypass our excellent Senior Center in North Branch?  Our seniors are well aware of this linkage line.  Instead of him traveling that far up north, maybe he should attend the monthly meeting in North Branch and get to see what an excellent center we have for our seniors right here in his own backyard.

Any resource a senior may need can be gotten and in person from our knowledgeable coordinator, Dawn Cash.  I would encourage everyone to utilize all the services the center offers.

Dawn has been working very hard in bringing back lunch meals at the center.  Meals are now being offered at the dining site for $4.75 and being prepared by the Taher Food Company.  Advanced registration is required and you must call by 8 a.m. that day (651-674-8658) and if you do not show up you will still be charged for the meal. No walk-ins are accepted.  You can pick up the March menu at the center and the April menu will be included in the newsletter.

The Senior Center publishes a very informative newsletter each month for $12 a year and I encourage everyone to subscribe to this

newsletter if you are not already on the mailing list. The Senior Center will host an expo April 24, 1 to to 4 p.m. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend. Thank you.

Grace Schwaab  



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