Superb speaking skills lead to successful speech season

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Members of the Rush City Junior High Speech Team finished in second place in its division behind Pine City in the Two Rivers Conference meet Feb. 7 in Princeton. Other participating schools included Braham, Foley, Hinckley/Finlayson, Milaca, Mille Lacs and Ogilvie.

The team also attended meets in Foley, Mille Lacs (Onamia) and Ogilvie.

At the conference meet, Andrew Heavirland placed sixth in the great speeches category. Devan Larson placed third in extemporaneous speaking. The team of Allyssa Kiehne and Amanda Sandbakken placed fourth in duet acting. Olivia Anderson placed sixth and Haley Van Dyke placed second in the informative category.

In addition, Samantha Ciesinski placed third in serious prose. Jessica Zmuda placed sixth, Mariah Warner placed third and Carlie Mell placed first in serious poetry. Abby Moe placed fourth and Brad James placed first in humorous poetry. Sadie Graham placed third and Krista Malchow placed first in creative expression.

Members of the senior high speech team and former junior high speech members judge at the junior high meets.  Those students who volunteered their time to judge were Emily Anderson, Adam Engel, Hannah Fleischhacker,  Dominique Fisher, Sarah Gamache, Mekala Gnau, Kayty Guy, Emily James, Sara Johnson, Alissa Kaltenhauser, Josie Kent, Ashley Masters, Shayla McKinney-Buck, Brittany Bergren, Alana Olson and Caitlin Westman. Mrs. Guentzel and Mrs. Daniels, the junior high speech coaches, would like to thank all of the judges.

Thirty-six students in grades 7 to 9 participated throughout the season.  Members and their categories were:

Olivia Anderson, informative; Lily Arcand, serious poetry; Martina Armendariz, serious poetry; Samantha Ciesinski, serious prose; Shelby Cummings, duet acting; Adriana Emery, serious prose; Chad Fleischhacker, humorous prose; Sadie Graham, creative expression; Dylan Groshens, humorous poetry; Victoria Halbert, humorous prose; Karra Harvey, serious prose; Andrew Heavirland, great speeches; Esther Hoiem, serious prose; Brad James, humorous poetry; Alyssa Kiehne, duet acting; Michaela Kost, humorous prose; Devan Larson, extemporaneous speaking; Carly Lundberg, duet acting; Krista Malchow, creative expression; Carlie Mell, serious poetry; Abby Moe, humorous poetry; Brittney Mollberg, creative expression; cecelia Peterson, duet acting; Jina Pinc-Shaw, serious prose; Dalton Ramberg, serious prose; Amanda Sandbakken, duet acting, Alexis Schmidt, humorous prose; Sage Stevens, duet acting; Allissa Thayer, humorous prose; Karyn Thompson, humorous prose; Haley Van Dyke, informative; Hanna Van Dyke, humorous prose; Mariah Warner, serious poetry; Hailey Whittaker, serious prose; Najhalie Williams, serious poetry; Jessica Zmuda, serious poetry.

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