Be a hunger hero

In 2012, people in Minnesota visited food shelves more than three million times.

During the first part of 2012, one in eight Minnesotans indicated there were times in the past year when they did not have enough money to buy food and worried about where they would get their next meal.

For 31 years, Minnesota FoodShare has been partnering with local food shelves to help our neighbors in need. The March Campaign, Minnesota’s annual statewide effort, is the only one of its kind.  This campaign raises money and more than half the food distributed by almost 300 food shelves. Every dollar donated to Minnesota FoodShare during the March Campaign goes directly to food shelves as a “percentage match” of what the food shelf raises.  In addition to this, Feinstein Foundation of Rhode Island does percentage matches for food and money raised for the months of March and April.  So the food and money donations go even further.

This year’s March Theme is “Be the Hero, Fight Hunger.”  Please consider being a hero with a donation to a food shelf.  The success of the 2013 campaign depends on each of us. Be a Hunger Hero.  Help support local food shelves.


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