Four-day school week for North Branch, unfortunately

To the editor

It was a sad day in North Branch March 7, 2013 when the school board met and the decision was made to move forward with the four-day school week for another long three- year term.

The two newly seated board members were the first to speak and took their first gulp of the proverbial toxic Kool-Aid.

Not realizing the fact that $4.5 million fund balance represents the shortfall of home equity in this community due to the un-marketability of the homes and business in North Branch.

Not realizing the people in North Branch are aware that soon that $4.5 million fund balance will make its way to the Union coffers.

Not realizing this is not about or even more importantly for the kids, and only benefit a few in this community, staff, teachers, superintendent.

Scare tactic and threats of cutting staff and increasing class sizes were spewed in the budget proposals comparing four-day budget to the proposed five-day budget, when in reality five days should have been represented as growth and opportunity.

Strategic plan now includes the following plan:

Move towards a capital levy to be held in a non-voting year, picking inconvenient time and location when and where most voters would not come out to vote.

“Declining enrollment” is one of the side affects of four-day school . Over the past five years, NBAPS is losing students at a 5-1 ratio against its nearest competing and neighboring district, Chisago Lakes.

With a $4.5 mil fund balance, four-day school, NBAPS does not need a one-sided levy.

Community intervention is needed here in North Branch.

Kevin Orf

North Branch


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