So long, Harvin

Derrick Knutson
Derrick Knutson

When I heard the first reports that Percy Harvin was being traded to the Seattle Seahawks, I initially thought the move was a bad one by the Vikings.

This is a player who has game-breaking ability, an aptitude for making tacklers miss a la Barry Sanders and hands soft enough to bring down high-velocity passes in traffic.

But then I remembered he was a big whiner who, by his actions and words during this past season, made it clear he wasn’t much interested in playing for the purple any longer.

Sure, he had a press conference recently when he signed his $67-million, six-year contract with the Seahawks where he talked about how good his years in Minnesota had been, but if he’d had that wonderful of a time here, he’d probably still be in a Vikings uniform.

Granted, I liked watching Harvin play—returning kickoffs for scores and making diving, back-of-the-end zone touchdown grabs were always highlight worthy—but I’m not going to miss his moodiness and the Randy Moss-esque “I’ll play when I want to play” attitude.

The Vikings management made this move because he’s a distraction, albeit a very talented one.

This trade by the Vikings got me reminiscing about some of the past players who had loads of talent, only to be traded away or released because of their shenanigans.

Mr. Moss is at the top of that list.

I’ll admit it was fun talking about all of the stupid stuff he did while with the Vikings.

Here’s some water cooler talk that undoubtedly circulated about Moss over the years:

“Hey, did you see Randy squirt that ref in the face with a water bottle?”

“Did you hear Randy hit that crossing guard with his car on purpose?”

“Randy sure looked debonair when he faux-mooned the Packers during that Monday night game.”

Actually, now I take back what I said about Harvin. I wish he had stayed here in Minnesota and evolved—or perhaps devolved—into a personality to rival Moss.

Let’s be honest, Vikings fans, the team is probably not going to win the Super Bowl within our lifetimes.

We might see Adrian Peterson break a few more records and the team might get within sniffing distance of the Lombardi Trophy here and there, but the grand prize, for whatever reason, just seems out of reach of the team.

It’s like they’re the Chicago Cubs of football.

So why not be entertained by a player who has questionable ethics and a penchant for spewing offensive, quotable verbiage?

It’s not going to be Harvin, but that doesn’t mean someone else can’t step up to the plate and be the focal point.

There’s hope for this person to emerge; I know there is. I know this based on some information I gleaned from a Yahoo Sports article.

“Within the NFL, Minnesota Vikings players are actually 66 percent more likely to be arrested than players on an average NFL team.”

That bit of information makes me confident some talented, loud-mouthed dunce will surface and provide us fans with something to talk about for years to come.

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