In response to Orf letter

To the editor

It’s always amazing to me that people continue to suggest that the school board and district “have it out for us.” What possible reason would they have for driving the school district into the ground?  It seems to me if they destroy our schools, they also endanger their own livelihoods. Does Mr. Orf honestly believe that all of the community members who work in our schools want to see our town deteriorate?  We have wonderful teachers who go out of their way to help our students succeed, sometimes under very difficult circumstances.

While I haven’t always agreed with every decision made, no one can deny that our school district has kept the public informed about what is going on in our schools.  Superintendent Henton has repeatedly submitted columns encouraging anyone with questions to contact her directly. You can go on the school district website and look at all the board materials and minutes, along with financials. You can attend school board meetings.  You can listen to the podcasts of the meetings.  The district holds community meetings on important issues to inform and get input.  Turnout is usually low.  I’m also guilty of not showing up at these meetings, but I try to keep up to date by reading the information on the district website.  It’s easy to put blinders up and spread rumors, but takes a little more effort to seek out the facts.

The problems our district has are due to many factors, a lot of which are out of the control of the district.

Whether it’s right or wrong to continue with a four-day week is open to opinion, I suppose, but the fact is it is saving the district money. I know one thing, though: inflammatory statements accusing people of being nothing short of hell bent on the destruction of our school district and town certainly don’t help anyone. It would be better if all that energy were put toward helping to make things better.

Judi Fitcha

North Branch


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