Nienow billing taxpayers for apartment

To the editor

Senator Nienow is on record as being very concerned about government waste and excessive spending. All those that drive to work in the metro would not have had the opportunity to see him driving to the Capitol to do our business, because he is billing the Minnesota taxpayers for $12,700 for him to have an apartment in the cities for the whole year, while his residence in Cambridge is 53.64 miles from the Capitol! And this is a legislature that meets less than half the year and this is a Senator who has many neighbors and constituents who work in the cities but drive home every night.

Historically, for the last 20 years none of our area senators took the lodging allowance, and in Sen. Nienow’s first term, he did not take the lodging itemization. I wonder what has changed? It might just be he is being hit, just like the rest of us, and figures he is entitled for us to pay for an apartment in the cities to represent us.

Except of course many people believed his statements on accountability, and now, we pay for his accountability by this questionable lodging expense.

All the Legislature’s expense are a public record. Look it up and then ask why he needs a year round apartment that we pay for when he lives under 70 miles from the Capitol and most workers in the Senate District commute to work.

M.A. Madden


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