Teams unite in hoops

Youths and adults with the Paradise Pride group from Rush City enjoyed

Photo supplied
Photo supplied

a little friendly competition with those from the Sandstone-based PHASE organization during a basketball tournament Saturday, March 23, at Pine City Elementary School. Both groups look forward to engaging in more fun events and activities like this in the months and perhaps years ahead. 

Paradise Pride resembles a special Olympic program that offers activities and experiences for area young people who may otherwise live with obstacles. Numbering around 22 members, the group learns to set goals, work together and are rewarded for their efforts.

PHASE, or Pine Habilitation and Supported Employment Inc., provides a variety of employment-based and additional supportive services to people with a diagnosis of a developmental disability, traumatic injury or severe and persistent mental illness. Members receive or learn about student transitions, community employment, facility-based supportive services and facility-based living skills training.

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