Look in the mirror and set an example

To the editor

There have been recent letters to the editor regarding Senator Nienow taking a year-round apartment in the cities, costing $12,720 to taxpayers each year.  Is this Senator Nienow’s vision of less government?  More simply put: how many of the present or past commuters from his senate district had an apartment in the cities year round, particularly if they worked less than half a year?  Or how about his communication expenses of $1,875 last year, with only two senators having higher communication expenses?   Does Senator Nienow have a pattern here?  Of the 67 senators, last year only 11 had higher total expenses than Senator Nienow, and, the key point being, all of these individuals live a long way from the Capitol.  Senator, perhaps as you call for smaller government look in your mirror, and then set an example.

Marna Gerke



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