Stacy City Council briefs

The following actions and discussion points were addressed at the April 9 Stacy City Council meeting.

Oxford Township wants back into fire agreement with Stacy-Lent

Lent Town Board Chair Gene Olson dropped by the April 9 Stacy City Council meeting with the particulars on a fire contract between the Stacy-Lent Fire Department and Oxford Township.  In February 2012, Olson and Stacy Mayor Mark Utecht attended a meeting of the Oxford Town Board where Oxford supervisors made the decision to contract with another city. Olson said at the time that Oxford Township would be back, “And today, they were back,” Olson told the council.

The Oxford supervisors asked for a cost estimate for resuming service. Olson quoted them $700 per section with a three-year agreement. Linwood Township representatives were also present and will bring the proposal to their town board for agreement. The Stacy-Lent Fire Department would cover 10 sections — six sections on the east side — and the Linwood Township Fire Department will take from Fawn Lake Drive to the west.

The joint powers aren’t scheduled to meet again until August, but Oxford Township wants the service.

“We’re going to have to do things kind of fast,” Olson said.  “There are things that will have to happen rather rapidly to protect the people; I know we can’t wait until August,”

He suggested Utecht be authorized to sign documents “as needed” on behalf of the city.

Olson described the new contract as being essentially the same terms as the previous contract.  The council considered the choice of authorizing the mayor to sign documents without deliberation of the council, or calling an emergency meeting of the full council. Councilmember Jim Ness made a motion to allow Utecht to sign any forthcoming Oxford Township joint powers contract and the motion passed.

Expansion into the outdoors for Stacy Bar and Grill

Stacy Sports Bar and Grill Manager Lori Dahle came to discuss a report she had forwarded to the council.

“It’s been a good first quarter,” Dahle said.

To keep profits trending upward, Dahle made a pitch for money to add a deck to the bar. She wants accommodation for both smokers and diners.

“I would be putting tables and chairs out there,” she said.

She had already solicited bids and received three responses before coming to the council meeting. Dahle is proposing to add a 30-foot-long, 6-foot-high privacy fence to decrease noise for people who live by the bar. She presented a design and recommended material. The council suggested Dahle would need to check Americans with Disabilities Act requirements to ensure accessibility for patrons with mobility issues. The council determined that at this point, Dahle’s design plans didn’t meet either ADA or city code requirements; they requested more information on design and cost. Dahle was asked to consult with building inspector Jack Kramer.

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