Stacy Council and Stacy Lions line up joint to-do list for spring

When it comes to making upgrades to city structures and celebrations, Stacy has a great partner in the Lions Club.

Recently, the Doyle Field building was deemed to be not up to code. Representatives from the Lions Club said there are “various items” the Minnesota Department of Health is requiring be corrected.  The Lions are working on a plan along with City Building and Code Inspector Jack Kramer to obtain permits and “do what needs to be done.”

The Lions came to the Stacy City Council April 9 to inform the city of building and grounds improvements they will be working on, including adding fencing and gates around the parking lot area to maintain their liquor license. On the ball fields, the Lions plan to raise the height of the fences around the dugout, add lime to the fields and widen gates to the outfield. Stacy Mayor Mark Utecht asked his colleagues if a policy exists to waive permit fees for Doyle Field improvements. Hearing there is no policy prohibiting such an action, the mayor made a motion to waive the permit fees for fencing improvements.

“My main concern is the fencing is appropriate for the area defined by (the Lions’) liquor license,” Utecht said. “I am pleased that (the Lions) are getting it to a permanent solution, so thank you.”

The motion passed and the council tuned to other Lions Club business.


Advisements on ale 

The council had sent a letter to the Lions Club to advise it must delineate a beer garden in Lions Park for Stacy Daze. Citizens had roamed the festival with alcohol in-hand during past festivals, unregulated, and the council learned that under Minnesota law, this cannot continue.

Utecht suggested the Lions contact and work with City Maintenance Supervisor Tanner Jones to plan a beer garden. The Lions want to build a shelter or band shell type of structure that can be used throughout the year at Lions Park. The primary purpose of the structure would be to shelter the band they hire to play at Stacy Daze. The shelter would also include a memorial acknowledging those in the community who had served in the Lions organization.


A place to play

There was one additional suggestion from the council. One of the owners of the Sunrise Mobile Home Park, Dustin Brakemeier, has pledged a donation of $10,000 to purchase playground equipment if the city will also contribute a matching $10,000 in cash.

“If we can make this thing happen, it would be a shame to let this offer slip by,” Utecht said, soliciting interest from the Lions in contributing.

The Lions said they have been considering playground equipment for Doyle Field.

Utecht said of the mobile home park, “That’s where most of our younger children are and they would benefit from having playground equipment over there, too. I get it that there is more need than there is supply. I just wanted to put it on the list.”

The mayor turned to Councilmember Chuck Lucia and asked that he approach the Stacy Park and Recreation committee about contributing funds.


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