Working together to foster growth

Deb Henton
Deb Henton

In my many conversations with parents/guardians, community members and public officials, one theme that emerges with some consistency is concern about growing our community. Far from being indifferent to growth, the school district needs growth to continue to thrive. Real estate agents are on the front lines of that issue, and so we invited them to a very special patron tour last Thursday.

The purpose of the tour was to provide real estate agents with a more complete understanding of the quality educational opportunities here at North Branch Area Public Schools. It also provided agents with the opportunity to ask questions and seek information for purposes of marketing our school district to young families.

Keeping in mind busy schedules, the patron tour we created for agents was only two hours in length. Four local realtors attended it. The group was allotted time to ask questions about the district, and toured our early childhood program and three major sites. They were provided much in the way of materials to draw from in the future.

Those in attendance asked great questions and it is my sincerest hope that all walked away with a better sense of the district and increased confidence in their ability to market our schools.

On behalf of the school district, I want to thank those real estate agents who attended the tour. It was wonderful to touch base with those working so hard to grow our community.

We are always thrilled when we form new partnerships, and last week’s patron tour was no exception.

If you would like to attend a patron tour, there are two opportunities left this school year to do so: April 26 and May 31. Please call Community Relations Coordinator Patrick Tepoorten to reserve a spot today!


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