We need the North Branch Police Department

To the editor

I’ve lived in North Branch for 16 years with my wife, Barb.  We have three kids that have grown up — mostly here.  We have worked locally for the last 10 years, so we spend a lot of time here in town.

I’ve been a realtor for 10 years and my office has always been on Main Street/Highway 95 in North Branch.  The NBPD responds to many calls daily — accidents, medicals, domestics, robberies, school situations, etc.  And if their response time is 2 to 3 minutes now, how long will Chisago County take to respond?  Keep in mind Rush City, Harris, Stacy, etc. currently depend on the sheriff’s office, too.  How thin can we spread them before it costs us all more in taxes or more for services?

The real estate market is on the mend and new construction is coming back.  We’re on the “upswing” after being down for so many years.  People are moving to North Branch again — more traffic, more residents to protect and potentially more crime.  Is this really the time we want to get rid of NBPD, just to find that we do need them?  I don’t think so.  It makes no sense and it’ll only create many new challenges.

Our schools have financial challenges.  Our city has serious debt.  Some area businesses were in dire straits and had to close their doors.  Do you think that getting rid of the award winning NBPD is going to help our community grow?  No. People will take their tax, grocery, gas and service dollars somewhere else.

Our officers not only work here, they also live here, shop here and use local services here.  I’m guessing much of their wages benefit our community.  Do you really think this will continue if we cut their jobs?

Support the NBPD. We need them!


Dan Peterson

North Branch


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