Gay marriage opponents aren’t hateful

To the editor

Recent editorials have depicted those not in favor of gay marriage as hateful, mean, and sickening.  I don’t believe this is at all accurate.  They don’t care who other people love, live with, or what lifestyle they choose.  What they are trying to do is protect themselves and their families from having to give up their religious and moral rights. Look at the states where gay marriage has become law.  Court cases have been filed against photographers for declining to take pictures at gay weddings, and churches are in trouble for not allowing gay marriages. Once the law is passed, it’s just a matter of time before equal time will be insisted upon in our schools.  Instead of our first graders reading Dick and Jane books they will be reading Dick and Jack books. The schools will be forced to interject the gay lifestyle into all classes. Those who have moral or religious objections, by law, will not be able to keep their children away from this influence.

There is nothing mean or hateful about the opponents; they just don’t want another law that prohibits them from exercising their moral or religious rights.

M. Murphy

North Branch


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