More cheers for the new senior dining

to the editor

This letter is reinforcement for Muriel Kennedy’s letter asking for support of the new noon lunch program started at the North Branch Senior Dining site.

Yes, the food is good! Each day the descriptive menu comes to us converted into quality and deliciously tasty food. The meals are served on the senior center white dinnerware along with a delicious dessert, milk and coffee. Then we enjoy eating the food in the fellowship of fellow diners in the familiar dining area of the senior center.

We sincerely miss Shirley, our former cook of well over twenty years. No one can replace her endearing personality or cooking and management skills. Nevertheless, our new program is here! The food is prepared under the management of a caring capable chef who periodically accompanies the meals to the center to help with the serving as well as to listen to the diners concerns.

Yes, we need new diners to try our meals and support the program. It’s essential that we raise our daily average attendance by quite a few people to help the program progress. Much effort has been put forth by the organizers to get us started. Now, we need the continued support of everyone possible. The program adds to the atmosphere of the center. It provides a source of fellowship along with the meal — an aspect which is as important to some people as the food itself. Please come and try the meals soon — it takes more than one trial time to prove the programs worth.

Phyllis Lindberg

North Branch

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