Guest commentary: My trip to Boston

by Norah Judson, age 8

North Branch resident

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Before we went to Boston, I was excited to go. We had been planning the trip for a while. My dad was going to run the Boston Marathon. We were going to see the sites, and I was anxious to see the Freedom Trail.

When we landed on Friday it was raining, but there were still things we could do. So we walked in the rain to the Boston Public Library. I liked it because it was old and big. Then we walked to the marathon expo. I liked it because I want to be a runner when I grow up.

We spent all day Saturday on the Freedom Trail. I liked Paul Revere’s house. The U.S.S Constitution was cool. I also liked Old North Church. I thought it was neat that we got to see where they ring the bells.

Sunday we got up early to watch Mom’s 5K. I liked watching the 5K because I thought it was cool that people in wheel chairs can still do races. A Canadian runner gave me a Canadian stuffed bear.

Later we went on the swan boats. I liked them because they have been run by the same family since 1877. In the afternoon we saw a Red Sox game. I thought it was neat because the stadium was so old. We also saw the Green Monster.

Monday morning, we got up to watch Dad run the Boston Marathon. I liked it because we saw so many runners from different states and countries. I had a good time.

Later we went back to our hotel room and turned on the T.V. That’s when we heard about the bombing at the Boston Marathon. The second bomb was right where we had been standing. If Dad wasn’t as fast as he is, we would have still been standing there.

Even though I’m mad at the people who did this, I’m still going to run. I’m not afraid to run the William Irvin 5K in Duluth. No matter what, I’m always going to run.

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