Response to ‘caring educators’ Nathan column

To the editor

Dear Mr. Nathan,

My name is David. I am a home-educated seventh grader in the North Branch School District. I was reading your article on “What advice do you have for caring educators?” and thought I would write a few suggestions from my perspective as a student.

First, this young teacher might find a “few” sources if he states what he believes needs improvement. A lot of educators have already “been there, done that”, and could give excellent advice if only they knew about his situation.

Second, what are the differences between schools now and schools 200 plus years ago? Schools back then had already prepared their children for college by 8th grade! They did not have the discipline issues that we have now. So why do we have these issues?

Point A: Early American schools had higher standards. They pushed for better grades and taught their students more information in a shorter time frame. These methods of teaching need to be utilized.

Point B: They had a better understanding of discipline … and when to use it. If we do not draw the line and discipline sternly when the line is crossed, students will take advantage of their teachers.

I will sum this up with Point C: The Bible was prominent in early American schools. When we took away the Bible from the schools, we took away the higher standards and morals from our children and their teachers. When we have the Bible as our standard, we use it to draw the line on our behavior … and to show when discipline is needed. We use it to set our priorities and goals high. We have something to live for, look to for advice, and use as a guide. It needs to be brought back into the schools. Point C sums up how to fix the problems in Points A and B quickly and efficiently.

If he can follow these points, then I believe he will be an amazing teacher.

David Rockensock

North Branch

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