Why we need the Northline Express

To the editor

I was ecstatic to find that there has been talks to make a new passenger rail line from Duluth to the Twin Cities. I live in Pine City and I work down at the University of Minnesota at the St. Paul Campus. Needless to say I spend a lot of time and money going to and from work every day.  I have a fuel efficient car, yet I still spend $400 a month on gas. That is about one-quarter of my take home compensation just getting to and from work. And who’s to say this won’t get worse? I don’t like my family’s wellbeing put on the mercy of the oil companies. Not to mention the wear and tear that it puts on my car.

This isn’t just a selfish want. This will not only create many jobs along the rail line, but it will certainly revive the communities that it runs along. There is a real danger that towns that are getting further away from the metropolitan areas will start a decline. We can’t have enough reasons to have people to visit or even live in our communities.

I understand this will cost Minnesota a lot of money to get this up and running. But I feel this will much more than pay for itself in time. Not just for the money the commuters will save, but the money that will be put back into our towns and cities. With the money being saved not spending it on gas, that money will be put back into our communities.

What a great opportunity this would be for our area. Who knows where this will lead? It just might turn into something terrific. Maybe connecting us to all of the Midwest, maybe even the rest of the country at some point. To think, I could take my family to perhaps visit St. Louis for a much cheaper rate than driving or flying. This is a possibility down the line. It’s really very exciting.

Adam Hefty

Pine City


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