Adapted bowler Charles Otto medals

Charles Otto.  Photo supplied
Charles Otto.
Photo supplied

The North Branch adapted bowling teams once again did well at state, where Charles Otto earned a place on the podium at Brunswick Zone in Brooklyn Center.

Otto rolled a 455 to earn a sixth place medal in the PI (physical impairment) boys singles division.

Alana Stahley totaled 475 pins, Chelsea Knutson 445, Otto 406 and Tayler Dyrda 402 to combine a total of 1728 for the PI team giving them a fourth place finish out of 11 teams

Alana Stahley finished 17th in the girls PI singles division with a match score of 411.

In PI doubles, the team of Knutson with 405 pins and Dyrda with 374 to total 779 placed 14th out of 21 teams.

For the CI (cognitive impairment) team Chad Bauman tallied up 396, Cheyenne Underdahl 392, Dakota Burgeson 390, and Ashley Novak 360 for a combined score of 1538 which put them 15th in a field of 25 teams.

The Vikings CI doubles team of Jade Anderson and Joy Edyvean scored 410 and 384 respectively, for a combined score of 794 to earn a 25rd place out of 70 teams.

In the boys CI singles division, Burgeson rolled a match score of 426 and placed 21st out of a field of 109 bowlers, while Bauman finished in 69th place with a 379.

In the girls CI singles division, with the field set at 86, Novak came in 37th with a match score of 389, Edyvean 40th with a 387, Anderson 45th with a 379 pin count and Underdahl finished 60th with a score of 360.

“Charles put it all together at the right time and had his best match of the season,” said coach John Grund. “Charles has really improved this season and has become more consistent with every match. He put together a gem of a match in the singles competition.”

Alana Stahley led the PI team with an awesome performance. Alana has always performed at her best at state. As a seventh grader in 2008 she even won the PI singles Championship.

“The team bowled 84 pins better than last year’s runner up performance, but this year’s score earned a fourth place in state. The team set a new Viking record with this stellar performance by all four team members. I thought they won it, given last year’s winning total, so I was surprised when seeing the top three scores and I felt disappointed for the team. They had nothing to hang their heads about. I’m proud of their superb effort and have confidence that the team will be right in the heat of the battle for next year’s state championship. Dakota Burgeson turned in his highest match score of the season as well in the CI singles.”

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