Another successful community service day

Deb Henton
Deb Henton

Every year we worry about the weather for community service day, and every year the rain seems to hold off just long enough for our students and staff to complete their service projects.

Last Friday was Community Service Day, another very successful day for our school district and its residents. Whether you are from Harris, North Branch, Stacy, or the Sunrise Township area, North Branch Area Public Schools was serving you.

In Harris, students picked up multiple public spaces and prepared the railroad area for the farmers market. In Sunrise, students helped organizers prepare for the next Walk for Life by cleaning candleholders.

In Stacy, Doyle fields and the Lions Park were made ready for summer usage, and in North Branch a variety of parks had the last vestiges of winter removed.

One new addition this year was the opportunity to directly help a citizen in need. We were called the Wednesday prior to community service day by an elderly couple looking for some help with yard work. Not one, but two, landscape design classes spent time there, raking leaves and pine needles, picking up sticks, and trimming bushes.

It was a sight to see.

What makes us so proud at NBAPS is the conduct of our students and their dedication to hard work. Event organizers heard all day from grateful residents how appreciative they were for the help, and how wonderful our students are to work with. One student finished working on Doyle fields and asked if he could come along to the Lions Park and do some more.

It is gratifying to see examples of character among our student body, and it was on full display on community service day. If you would like to see some of our students in action, see our Community Service Day album on Facebook.

Thanks to all those who help make community service day possible.

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