Same-sex marriage had key supporters from East Central Minnesota

To the editor

Our country continues on its path of fostering the civil rights for our citizens with the enactment of Freedom to Marry for same-sex couples. Each time civil rights have been extended, it has been controversial.

As a person that believes in marriage and equality and a person of faith, I strongly supported its passage. There were a number of people from East Central Minnesota that should be thanked, among them Richard Carlbom, Director of Minnesotans United for All Families, who graduated from North Branch High School, Representative Karen Clark who is the co-director of a non-profit in the North Branch area and authored the bill in the House, Jack Munday, author of “Hate is the Sin,” Catholics for Marriage Equity and the many people of all faiths that supported this effort.

While some have argued that homosexuality is morally wrong based on their interpretation of Scripture, I believe God created gays with a same-gender orientation. Therefore it is right and just, particularly if you believe in marriage, to support marriage for all couples who are in love and desire to be married. Further, I believe that society will see gays and gay marriage in a positive light, just as society has grown to accept that women have a right to vote, that interracial and interfaith marriages are ok, and that no one should be denied their rights based on race, religion or age.


Robert G. Walz

North Branch 

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