Stacy City Council briefs

The following actions and discussion points were addressed at the May 14 Stacy City Council meeting:

Improvements to Doyle Field building coming right up, with fries

Stacy Lions Club representative Jerry Schroeder made a return trip to the May Stacy City Council meeting. While Schroeder acknowledged the Lions were there, hat in hand, he said, “We’re not asking for any money from the taxpayers; we’ll take care of this and pay all the money as a club.”

Schroeder was referring to a loan to finance improvements to the Doyle Field building. The Lions asked the city to borrow money to cover the expenditure.

Schroeder presented the estimated cost of improvements to the Doyle Field building at approximately $60,000. State regulators are requiring upgrades to the kitchen area and back room in order to continue the food preparation and service in the building.

City Attorney Peter Grundhoefer said the city signed a donation agreement. City Clerk Sharon Payne said she would locate the documents and added the city had taken out a bond, which the Lions had paid back in-full two years ahead of schedule. Stacy Mayor Mark Utecht is in favor of assisting the Lions and saving both the club and the city aggravation, but Utecht asked, “I do have one honest question: Is it worth spending this money to be able to serve food there?”

Schroeder sees merit in keeping concessions going at the building.

“We serve the public and we would like to continue serving the public, he said.”

Schroeder said the Lions had asked the same question and determined the project is within their mission to serve. Work will commence immediately and continue into the fall. In the interim, the Lions plan to go through the summer season operating the Doyle Field building concessions area. Schroeder confirmed the Minnesota Department of Health agreed to the timeline.

The council complimented the Lions on their service and the food they serve, specifically mentioning the french fries. Schroeder advised there would be none of those fries until the new wash sink is installed.


Local fire departments partner for community and fiscal benefit

Assistant Fire Chief of the Stacy-Lent Fire Department Brad Schroeder and Fire Chief of the North Branch Fire Department Kevin Grote presented the council with mutual aid and automatic aid agreements as a cost-saving measure for the two cities.

The firefighters explained that automatic aid agreements translate into lower insurance rates for the cities and residents. Grote has visited all local area councils and town boards lobbying for the agreements. His last stops were Stacy and Lindstrom.

Schroeder said the agreement is worded the same as the 2004 agreement.


Foxtail Woods Four moves forward

Developer Tony Janu is moving forward with a rare project in Stacy as of late: a housing development.

Janu visited the Stacy council, continuing to work out the details of the Foxtail Woods Plat 4 development agreement. City Engineer Chuck Schwartz and City Attorney Peter Grundhoefer reviewed documents pertaining to existing utility infrastructure that must be moved and who should bear the cost.

Janu was advised by Xcel Energy and Frontier Communications the respective costs of this would be $22,281 to move electrical and “just under $14,000” to move the telecommunication equipment. Schwartz explained there are some existing storm sewer pipes in the way and a hodgepodge of other placement issues to be straightened out. Mayor Utecht had concerns about the easement and the proximity to the driveways.

“I wouldn’t support adding something to this development agreement that we haven’t allowed in other development agreements,” Utecht said regarding the discussion on what to allow. Utecht did ask for a motion to allow changes to the agreement consistent with past practice and the motion passed with Councilor Jim Ness voting no.


Outdoor seating proposed at the Stacy Sports Bar and Grill

Stacy Sports Bar and Grill Manager Lori Dahle showed the council a drawing of a patio designed for the on-sale establishment.

The patio will be constructed with pavers and there will not be a deck. Dahle put the cost at “No more than $15,000.” Dahle assured the council the proposed addition is ADA compliant, and secure. Patrons may exit, but not enter the bar and grill via the patio.

“As long as it is also ADA compliant,” Utecht said.

“How long will it take to pay this off?” Ness asked. He requested a definite cost for the project to analyze the return on investment Dahle anticipates seeing with this improvement.

Other Stacy council briefs

•Chisago County Public Works Department is seal coating Stacy Trail and will be restriping up to the no parking zones on either side approaching the intersection. The council agreed law enforcement then needs to do some parking enforcement in this area. “You don’t see people passing on the shoulder in Wyoming; you will get pulled over (there). We need to have the same kind of enforcement here,” Utecht said.

•The mention of law enforcement was timely. The Chisago County Sheriff’s Office sent a proposed contract for law enforcement services covering 20 hours per week at $52.28 per hour. “Whenever we talk about raising the number of hours, people come in and say the sheriff’s office has to respond anyway, and when we talk about cutting hours, a different group of people come in and complain that the city should not be cutting public safety,” Utecht said. The council approved the contract exactly as it has been written and executed for the past year.

•The council was pleased to hear a suggestion to hold a 5K run during Stacy Daze. Tony Olivolo and Tim Cosgrove proposed the event, and the council will look at the logistics. The mayor approved of the idea, saying it might bring people into the city or give people in the city something to do.

•The North Branch Area Hockey Association sent a proposal to the city requesting a change to the Stacy Sports Complex agreement. The council has been silent on the Sports Complex of late, since the NBAHA has had to regroup over financing issues. The NBAHA is now proposing to own the land the hockey arena will stand on once the building is paid for. The NBAHA’s bank declined to allow the building and land to be owned separately, by the city and the association, respectively. The NBAHA is working toward purchase of the land at the $1.09-per-square-foot price the council had offered months ago. Utecht directed Payne to bring Grundhoefer and arena project manager Craig Moline together for a meeting.

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