Vikings advance to tourney of champions

11U AA
Photo supplied

The North Branch Vikings 12AA and 11AA squads have qualified for the Gopher State Tournament of Champions.

For 12AA, the boys placed second at the Gopher State Spring Invitational Qualifier over the May 18-19 weekend.

Players include Clint Mattson, TJ Whipps, Nick Hunziker, Zach Gazda, Jake Richards,Blake Loftman, Parker Johnson, Justin Axberg, Matt Courtright, Mason DeFrance, John Thauwald, Mitch Osowski and team manager Max Johnson

Photo supplied
Photo supplied

Under head coach Chris Courtright, assistant coaches are Mark Hunziker, Brian Thauwald, Jess Richards and Tim Whipps (not pictured).

The 11AA Vikings placed second at the North Branch Early Bird Tournament over the May 3-5 weekend.

This team, led by head coach Rob Sanvik and assistant coaches Ron Sperry and Jim Van Eerdan, consists of players Drew Van Eerdan, Koby Chouniard, Derick Ratcliff, Garrett Anderson, Adian Sperry, Ryan Sanvik, Isaac Johnson, Reese Crowell, David Lucht, Luke Fabini, Brad Radtke and Kaleb Bovitz.

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