Committed to JROTC

To the editor

Recently we hosted representatives of the Air Force as they toured our high school as part of the application process for offering a JROTC program. As part of the site visit, the Air Force was looking to see the level of community support for a JROTC program at North Branch Area Public Schools. I have no doubt they reported that enthusiasm for JROTC is very high after the show of support they received.

Many came from the community to welcome the Air Force, some on very short notice, including the mayor of North Branch, chief of police, representatives from service organizations such as the VFW and American Legion, as well as school board members. There were people there we didn’t even recall inviting!

It was a proud day to represent this community and school district. On behalf of NBAPS I would like extend our sincerest gratitude for all those who changed schedules or sacrificed personal time to be here with us and show the Air Force just how committed we are to giving them a home right here.

Deb Henton

Superintendent, NBAPS


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