Professional development and what it means for kids

Deb Henton
Deb Henton

Prior to the May school board work session, representatives of the North Branch Education Association met with the school board to “meet and confer” about professional development. Teachers explained to the school board how that development impacts performance in the classroom.

There are primarily two factors that significantly impact the performance of teachers: experience, of course, and professional development. North Branch Area Public Schools is one of only 37 school districts in the state that has an established Educational Research and Dissemination Program (ER&D).

We have 13 teachers who have completed national ER&D training from the American Federation of Teachers. Currently, we offer eight ER&D courses in our district on a two-year rotation, taught by 12 North Branch teachers and Judy Rhode, North St. Paul District Math coach/staff.

This summer, two additional teachers will receive training so the school district can add a new ER&D course: Journey to Algebra.

Our 14-year Teacher Preparation Partnership with St. Cloud State University (SCSU) has provided on-site graduate programming in our district that has allowed our licensed staff and teachers from area school districts options to complete Masters Degrees and K-12 education related certificates.

On-site SCSU partnership graduate programs allow teachers to add onto their teaching licensures and expand the instructional and leadership services they are able to provide to both students and staff.

In order to ensure the best quality instruction, teachers must also be learners for their entire career. That is why NBAPS is committed to providing professional development, a mentorship program, and Q Comp, among other things.

Teachers have the single largest impact on a student progress and learning. We are committed to professional development because it creates better teachers, and that makes for the best education we can provide the next generation of citizens.

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