A few concerns with Heartland office staff

to the editor

I have been a Heartland Express rider for the past three years and have been very fortunate and grateful to have the bus service as a transportation option. However, I have a few concerns with the impression given to riders by Heartland office staff.

It has been my experience, when calling to schedule transportation, that several individuals taking my information have been very impolite and disrespectful. As the initial customer contact for Heartland express, this could easily leave a very bad lasting first impression and discourage riders from continuing to use this service.

While waiting for a transfer bus, inside Heartland Express’s headquarters in Cambridge, I have been appalled at the inappropriate language being used by several Heartland Express office staff with the knowledge of my presence. This alone would have caused me to immediately discontinue my use of Heartland Express’s services. However, my experience with the amazing Heartland Express bus drivers led to my continuation of services.

The Heartland Express bus drivers are exceptional individuals exuding customer service at its finest. The drivers seem to genuinely care for their riders and go well above and beyond their job descriptions to care for and help their riders. This has been so refreshing.  My wish and desire is that the individuals working in the office would have the same polite and professional attitude as the drivers.

The Heartland Express is such a great opportunity for the community and has great potential for growth through ridership. I hope to be able to use it for years to come and encourage others to use it as well. But only, if knowing the office staff will be trained to provide professional polite lasting impressions with clear communication for both drivers and riders alike.

Emily Oquist

North Branch

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