Give credit where credit is due

To the editor

I want to publicly thank the three Chisago County Commissioners who voted against any funding for the North Branch Senior Center. As you notice, I no longer consider any other name for it.

Much unfair and erroneous information floated around North Branch as to the running of this facility. Personal attacks (which were not true) against the persons made their lives miserable. The misinformation came directly from a county commissioner. I usually think, “When there is smoke there is fire,” but when checking out the rumors, I found they were untrue. I believe there should be apologies made to the director, employees and seniors affected by the county vote.

As of May 31, meals are no longer served there. The food provided by Taher Food service was excellent. The attendance was unsatisfactory partly due to prior rumors.

This domino effect set off by malicious rumors was hurt by other parts of our community.

Commissioners Montzka, Greene and McMahon: Thanks again for kicking seniors to the curb.

Barb Burrington

North Branch 


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