School district losing a wealth of experience this year

Deb Henton
Deb Henton

Each year we celebrate the end of another successful school year, but there is also occasion to be sad as we say goodbye to retiring members of the administrative team. This year we are losing two valuable district assets. Though they will be replaced by highly competent individuals, we will lose their wealth of experience, something not so easily replaced.

Transportation and Grounds Director Bill Burton has been with the school district almost 30 years. He knows every road in our school district like the back of his hand, and you would be hard-pressed to find someone as concerned and proactive about student and bus driver safety. He adds a personal touch to his dealings with families and the times he has personally driven a student home because he/she missed the bus are too many to count.

Technology Director Chip Treen has been with the school district for 10 years and has had the unenviable task of transforming our schools for the 21st century on extremely limited budgets. Year after year, he and his staff find ways to keep the equipment we have (some of it past its viable lifespan) running, while adding new devices and services.

North Branch Area Public Schools has some of the best on-site wireless networks in the state, and that dedication to providing access to students and staff has given us great flexibility in getting technology in the hands of students.

Please join the school district in celebrating the public service of these retiring administrators. For both, their sense of dedication and loyalty is to the students of this community and they have greatly enhanced the educational experience at NBAPS in their own way. To see them work, to see the respect they had for school district resources, was to be proud. Best of luck to both as they embark on a new chapter of their lives.

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