Volunteers needed for St. Croix River clean-up

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Every July the St. Croix River Association sponsors River Awareness Week, which includes a number of activities designed to celebrate and conserve the St. Croix watershed.

The St. Croix River is one of the cleanest tributaries leading into the Mississippi, but it is also a high recreational area that accumulates a large amount of trash each year particularly during the summer months. For one week, the awareness that you can give to the St. Croix River, and the rivers that flow to it, will help build a connection that will continue throughout the year.

One of the key activities during River Awareness Week focuses on shoreline clean-up of the St. Croix and its tributaries, and several more volunteers are needed to make this year’s event a success.  Cleanups are already in the works for the Wild River State Park (July 13), from the Osceola Landing to William O’Brien State Park (July 14) and the Hudson Lakefront Park (July 17).

In addition to the cleanups, there will be the St. Croix River Sojourn on July 13, which includes a 3-hour long self-guided paddle with fun educational stops conducted by the SCRA, National Park Service and the Minnesota and Wisconsin Interstate Parks. The Hudson area is also embracing River Awareness Week by hosting its first RiverFest July 13-18.

If you are interested in participating in any of these events commemorating River Awareness Week or would like to organize a clean-up or related activity of your own let the SCRA know by completing the form at  www.riverawarenessweek.org, or call 715-483-3300. SCRA will help promote and support your event.

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