A lesson in economic liberty

To the editor

Kirsten Kennedy needs a lesson in economic liberty.  She wrote the letter slamming Senator Nienow and Representative Barrett for voting against raising your taxes by way over $2 billion. At some point, taking more of your hard earned money becomes not about helping poor people and building roads but about an addiction to spending other people’s money and paying back corrupt special interests who feed off government.

The state didn’t need to raise your taxes even more, but to feed the DFL insatiable desire to spend your money, you will now pay more for internet downloads, like music, computer games and Ebooks. Cigarettes will go up $1.60 a pack which hurts lower-income people the most. Fees increase on vehicle registrations and licenses; taxes go up for businesses, and now the Minnesota taxpayer is going to pay for the Vikings owners to have a new stadium and the legislature to have a new office building (which the DFL never gave a public  hearing). The majority of the people paying for the new stadium will never be able to afford to attend a game. Chisago County is proud that our legislators can’t be bought off by special interest groups and have the backbone to stand up for the people in Chisago County who are footing the bill.

Dayton and the DFL ran a campaign on taxing the rich. However, of the nearly $3 billion dollars in new taxes, fees and surcharges, only $1 billion comes from the new income tax on the top 1 percent. Instead, everyone pays more under the new tax plan.  Why? Because the DFL decided to raise taxes over $2 billion to solve a $600 million budget deficit. Reading Kennedy’s letter reveals she is just one more liberal without the courage to stand up to the corruption in government.

Bruce Spangler



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