Voted against $3 billion tax/fee increase funding 10 percent growth in government

To the editor

A letter writer asked for information regarding the tax bill which I, and a bi-partisan group of legislators, voted against.

Last week, Minnesota families started being hit with $3 billion in tax/fee increases.

We have record state tax collections that, in 2012, were $1.7 billion more than the past year and $3.2 billion more than the year before that. Minnesota has more money! (

These billions were banked while resisting Dayton’s attempts to raise taxes. Dayton said your taxes had to be raised and he was wrong.

Positive results occur without raising taxes:

• Increased per student funding of $100 in 2012; increased $158 this year as part the K-12 bill; this required no tax increases

• Pay back over $1 billion of the 2010 school shift I inherited in 2011

• Put $1 billion back in state’s budget reserves, drained in 2010

I also voted for the education bill, along with a bi-partisan group of legislators.  I support our schools.

Minneapolis schools have received $15,000-plus per student for years without tax increases.  Our schools receive 30 to 40 percent less than this. To say we need to increase taxes/fees by $3 billion to afford the $40 million Barrett fair funding bill betrays common sense.

Sampling of what $3 billion in tax/fee increases gave you:

• Some departments received more funds than asked for

• 1,300 new state employees

• Labeling 8,000 small business child care providers “state employees” for purposes of child-care unionization

• $330 million to create a web site/infrastructure for the Health Exchange.

• Bail out e-pull tab fiasco, breaking a Dayton promise, so the Vikings can avoid using team resources for their stadium

• $40 million gift to Minneapolis paying off library bonds

Don’t be fooled by distractions. Taxes are increasing on everyone while state government grows by 10 percent.

Bob Barrett

Republican State Rep., District 32B 


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