Be ready for the political spin

To the editor

Wouldn’t it be great to get objective reviews of the past legislative session in our local legislator’s legislative wrap-ups rather than what appear to be election season ‘political spin’ flyers?  They all pointed out how tax increases will impact Minnesotans. Yet they conveniently fail to mention the basic programs where this additional revenue will be used, or even worse, how it will repay the funding that was borrowed from our schools so they could claim to have balanced the state’s budget in the past.

Our area schools will now receive funding increases that were needed years ago!  All day, everyday kindergarten will be available across the state. Higher fuel prices are hurting all of us, so we can appreciate how this will help pay for the added cost of transporting our students hundreds of thousands of miles a year.

Senator Nienow has talked about his support of school funding equalization to help school districts in our area, yet he voted against the education bill. He tells the North Branch City Council it’s only a tiny move toward equity in school funding.  It’s this writer’s hope that he would have to explain his political double-speak, yes vote but then no vote, directly to the North Branch Schools where class offerings, valuable teachers, and even one day a week of class had to be cut because of funding shortfalls!

Representative Barrett voted for the education bill but then against the tax bill needed to fund it. Representatives Johnson and Dettmer, who was a career educator, voted against both bills.

Please express your support for education funding when you see one of our elected politicians at the County Fair or at a one of the many upcoming parades, but get ready for the ‘political spin’ that will blow your hat off if you’re not ready for it.

Joe Sausen

North Branch 

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